Strawberries have been grown at Polter’s Berry Farm since 1975.  We are constantly improving our growing practices and implementing the latest technology and varieties to produce the highest quality fruit you will ever eat.  We started with just one acre and a three week harvest season and and are now producing on 18 acres over a six week season.

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Matted Row StrawberriesIMG_0266

The majority of our strawberries are grown using a modified version of traditional matted row culture using eastern adapted varieties. We grow mainly Jewel in this system.  Jewel is an older variety bred in New York that we have been growing for over twenty years. We are constantly searching for a better berry but so far none has the flavor, yield, and postharvest qualities of Jewel.  We grow Jewel in a twin row system on a bed with a line of drip tape under each row.

Plasticulture Strawberries

We also grow 7 acres in the annual plasticulture system.  Plasticulture strawberries are grown using black plastic mulch and drip irrigation on raised beds. This system can produce large fruit up to three weeks earlier than the matted row system. This year we are growing Camarosa and Camino Real varieties.  In this system we use plug plants which are not planted until the first week of September.  In late October we cover them up with a row cover. This extends the growing season into early December allowing the plants to initiate additional flower buds which will become next years fruit.

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Strawberry season typically begins in late May and can last until July 4. Most of our strawberries are sold pre-picked in wooden quarts like those shown below.  Pick-your-own will not be available for the 2023 season.   Our retail hours are 8-6 Monday – Friday and 8-5 Saturday and Sunday.

Wholesale Strawberries

Polter’s Berry Farm does sell a large amount of our strawberries to wholesale customers.  We pack our strawberries in wooden quarts held in 8 quart berry masters.  The majority of our wholesale berries are picked up at the farm.