Strawberry Production

Plasticulture strawberries require extensive ground preparation to ensure a quality crop.

Bed Shaping

Our first pass shapes a 10″ high bed and lays two rows of drip tape. IMG_0275

Plastic Mulch Laying

The second pass covers the bed with black plastic mulch.  We try to lay it as tight as possible and make sure there are no voids in the bed.  The mulch will keep the beds warmer longer going into the fall and warm them up faster in the spring.


Punching Holes

We mark our holes with a hole puncher and then set each plant by hand. IMG_1212



Winter Protection

We cover the strawberries with a spunbonded polypropelene row cover and weight it down with rock bags.  This cover lets water, air and 70% light through.  It blocks the wind and traps heat in.  These covers keep the plants growing longer in the fall an bring them out of dormancy earlier in the spring.