Wholesale Strawberries

Polter’s Berry Farm sells the majority of our strawberries wholesale to farm markets and grocery stores throughout Ohio. Most of our customers pick up their berries daily throughout our 5-6 week harvest season. We do also deliver berries to our larger customers.2012-05-25 11.38.22


Quality Control

Each flat is inspected by our quality control team before it is stacked on the pallet. Each flat is also identified with the picker number for an extra step of control.

We pack our strawberries in 8qt waxed berry flats and take extra steps to assure that each berry is place packed in the flat to avoid bruising.DSC_0006


We can pre-cool your berries if desired with our forced air cooling unit. We can cool 300 flats down to 35 degrees in about 2 hours.   

Our forced air cooler draws cool air in from the sides across the fruit and out through the exhaust fan. This speeds up cooling tremendously and increases the shelf life of the fruit.

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We also offer strawberries capped and individually quick frozen for food service and ice cream makers.



Deliveries can be made via refrigerated truck to destinations throughout Ohio and neighboring states. We typically reserve these deliveries for our larger accounts.

You can place your order any time by calling Steve Polter at 419-552-0014 (mobile)